Sprinco AR 15 Gas Rings


A gas ring is an essential part of reliable AR 15 operation. They’re a consumable part, meaning they will wear out over time and eventually need replacing. When looking to replace your gas ring, Sprinco AR 15 gas rings are the best option on the market. 

These quality gun parts are made to MIL 848511 standards. Please note a bolt assembly requires 3x gas rings.

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Why we like them 

Gas rings are typically one of the most overlooked gun parts, but they play a critical role in firearm reliability.  We have had great luck with the Sprinco gas rings over the years and highly recommend them to anyone wanting to purchase a set of great gas rings. We like to keep spares around of gas rings, extractor spring and ejector springs as you never know when you buddy may need them.

One way to check if your gas rings are still serviceable is to perform the following test. 

Step 1 Unload and verify your firearm is unloaded by confirming there is no magazine inserted and the chamber is empty.

Step 2 Remove complete bolt carrier group from upper receiver. 

Step 3 With the bolt pulled all the way out, place the bolt carrier group on a flat surface. (The bolt face should be in contact with the flat surface) If the bolt collapses, it’s time to change the gas rings. Before testing we recommend field stripping the bolt carrier and giving the rifle parts a good cleaning, removing as much carbon as possible from all the parts and oil.

Bolt in picture not included****

Pack of 3x gas rings
Direct replacement for AR-15 gas rings
Made to MIL 848511 standards
Sprinco part # 84853


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