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Finding custom AR 15 parts shouldn’t be a hassle. Too often the big manufacturers have so many parts, yet very few crafted with the exact attention to detail high-level shooters come to expect.

Guntology is your one-stop shop for curated, new, and custom AR parts, firearms, shooting gear, and other great AR 15 accessories. We’re gun owners ourselves and we’re all about finding unique, hard-to-find firearms and accessories we like, use, and trust.

We personally vet every AR part we offer, ensuring you receive only the highest quality part when you place an order with Guntology. Whether for a new AR build or an addition to your tried and true weapon, every component you order from Guntology is guaranteed to function well for years to come. In fact, we believe in our products so much we provide a lifetime warranty on everything we sell.

Visit our online store to find the AR rifle part you need, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!


Guntology’s Custom AR Parts Catalog

While the PDQ Ambi Bolt Release is our crown jewel, we offer many custom parts for the AR platform, including lower receiver and upper receiver upgrades, improvements on the forward assist, and an enhanced takedown pin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Guntology AR parts improve firearm accuracy?
The short answer is no none of the parts we currently carry will offer improvement on accuracy. What they do offer is making your AR 15 much more user friendly and ergonomics, these are upgrades that you can appreciate not just while shooting but while handling your AR 15. You can count on Guntology no matter where you find yourself whether on the range competition or professional use.
Why ambidextrous parts?
We believe in adding ambidextrous parts to the AR 15 to make the platform a lot less awkward to use left handed and give the user the best possible experience with every use.
What does Guntology look for in products we sell?
We start off by taking a closer look not only at the company producing the parts but their overall attention to detail, from the user-friendly design to the fit and finish to materials used and quality control. That way, we ensure the best value and best possible user experience through the lifetime of the product.
What tests do you do to ensure a quality part?
Here at Guntology we start by only selling parts that are our alltime personal favorites and that we consistently use and have tested by putting them through the paces during hard use and high round counts. Our other business is owning a local armory shop and fixing/replacing so many broker parts . These experiences have given us a unique perspective and that knowledge learned is always applied when selecting and testing products out for Guntology.