Sprinco Extractor Spring


This is a direct replacement AR-15 extractor spring, whether your current spring is worn out or broken or you are just looking to add a layer of extra reliability, this easy to install extra power extractor spring is for you.

WHY we like it
We love that Sprinco as a company goes the extra mile and produces in our eyes the best extra power extractor spring available, as not all springs are made the same . This enhanced extractor spring provides better extractor tension and heat resistance adding a layer of reliability over the stock spring. This spring is especially great for suppressed use and high round counts. They always come in handy and is a quick fix to a lot of ejection issues. We like to keep spares around of extractor springs ejector spring, and gas rings as you never know when you or a buddy may need them.

This comes as a kit includes the black Mil Spec insert, 5 coil spring, and Mil-Spec O- ring.
Please note we only recommend using the O-ring if this 5 coil spring does not alleviate your issues.


Bolt in picture not included****

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Heat treated, stress relieved and cryogenic processed post winding.
Impregnation/plating with Re- Micronized Molybdenum Disulfide Formation
Unaffected by heat up to 750 F
XP 5 Coiled spring has a heavier spring load than OEM springs thus negating the need for a D Fender tm ring or adding CRANE Viton O-ring
XP 5-Coild spring is totally reliable for all 5.56 BBl lengths, it can be aggressive on case rims in 18’+ BBL rifles, and may be too strong for some bolts with extremely tight bolt face tolerances
Sprinco product # 26201


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