AR 15 Extended Mag Release


The Enhanced Magazine Release-High model (EMR-H) features a slightly curved button surface to fit the natural curvature of your finger. The form-fitting curve, along with horizontal serrations, creates a self-centering surface that inhibits the finger’s vertical movements. The EMR-H has a milspec through hole for the mag catch’s shaft and is only 0.02″ taller than the factory AR 15 magazine release button. When installed, the EMR-H has minimal protrusion above the AR 15 mag release button fence on most forged receivers.

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What We Like About This Product

The attention to detail with this product is amazing. From how high the release sits to the fit and finish, it all works together to improve functionality without the drawbacks that other high speed mag releases have.

The serrations and contour of the release provides a positive contact surface by funneling the finger tip into the center of the release which creates repeatability and reliability.

A slightly enlarged profile on this AR 15 mag release with serrations allows for a better, positive contact surface by funneling the finger tip into the center of the release. This creates better repeatability and reliability.

This extended magazine release easily integrates into factory AR 15 lower parts and bolt carrier group as well as most forged lower receiver units. It’s one of the better AR parts to include in your build kit, especially for the price. We highly recommend adding this enhanced magazine release to your AR platform.

Product Info

The Enhanced Magazine Release-High model, also known as the EMR-H, is a great addition to your rifle, allowing for easier magazine swaps without as much risk for accidental activation.

This replaces the factory AR 15 magazine release, giving you a mag release button that is higher profile and easier to reach. Magazine releases are often overlooked on every-day rifles, but an enhanced magazine release is common among most competition shooters, because competitors look for every advantage in speed and reliability.

Quickness isn’t everything, however, because the fastest AR 15 mag release can also be the one that accidentally dumps your mag on the ground at the most inconvenient time.

Where the EMR differs from some of these “hyper fast” styles is that it is only 0.02” taller than your standard mag release, it’s slightly contoured to center your finger on the release, and it has horizontal serrations to provide more traction while activating the release.

This all means that it is easier to use than a standard release but is still somewhat protected by the “fencing” of the lower receiver. The center of the release is threaded to accommodate the magazine catch shaft allowing it to work with standard Mil-Spec dimensions.

The design maintains the same footprint as the factory magazine, so it will work in any firearm that takes standard AR 15 magazine releases.

  • Made in the USA
  • Machined from 4140 Bar Stock Steel
  • Mil-Spec Footprint and Through-Hole for Compatibility

Adding an enhanced AR 15 magazine release addresses an issue that a lot of shooters have when operating ARs under time duress or when wearing gloves, which is that the stock magazine release does not protrude enough. This magazine release is .02” taller than the one that came with your rifle from the factory, the extended mag catch button gives you more purchase. This allows for higher odds of you releasing the magazine when you intended to.


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