The Surefire EP4 Sonic Defender ear plugs are some of the best ear plug options on the market today. They are designed to protect your ears from Noise Induced Hearing Loss, but they don’t skimp on the comfort either.  Your hearing is something you should never take for granted, so you need a quality ear plug pair when operating a firearm or other loud machinery.

The EP4 Sonic Defender ear plugs allow you to hear what matters in a noisy environment, such as conversations and routine sounds. The Surefire Sonic Defenders are made from a soft, durable, hypoallergenic polymer that provides all-day comfort with a low profile design.

This durability extends product life up to 6+ months, depending on care and usage. The Surefire Sonic Defender ear plugs feature a triple-flanged earplugs stem, giving a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24db. These foam tipped earplugs allow safe sound levels to pass through into the ear canal while noises above 85dB are reduced via a noise reducing filter.

The EP4 sonic defenders include attached filter caps that can be inserted for additional protection and are designed to stay in the ear with a patented retention ring with 7 points of contact. They are also compatible with radio communications for added versatility.

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What We Like About This Product

These Surefire earplugs provide a terrific set of features at an accessible price. They are dependable, convenient, and comfortable ear plugs that can be worn independently or in conjunction with over-the-ear hearing protection for a layered approach to superior hearing protection. They do a great job of taking out the harsher noise but leaving lower level noise and ambient sound.

The removable noise reducing filter makes having to remove the whole earplug to hear a conversation near you a thing of the past. While the clear color absorbs minimal amount of sunlight allowing the earplug to stay cooler when exposed to direct sunlight.

We always keep a few spare pairs in our gear as extras and they have come in handy. Whether on the range, at a competition, using power tools, or even just being exposed to loud sounds at a concert you can count on these to deliver comfortable hearing protection at a great value.


  • Lower noises above 85 decibels
  • Provides 24-decibel rated noise reduction with filter cap inserted
  • Triple Flanged low-profile design
  • Compatible with Radio Communications
  • Hypoallergenic hearing protection


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