Sprinco Enhanced AR 15 Ejector Spring


Having a dependable AR 15 ejector spring is a key component to having consistent ejection of cartridge cases in your firearm. This Sprinco Enhanced bolt ejector spring is an amazing addition to AR 15 bolt carrier groups. It’s easy to install and provides a long service life. (This spring is also a safety selector spring). If you are adding upgrades to enhance the reliability of your lower receiver, do not overlook this AR 15 ejector spring.

Why we like it

This enhanced bolt ejector spring is a true upgrade from the OEM spring with a longer service life. This is what we use in our personal ar-15’s and recommend them to everyone. We like to keep spares around of ejector spring, extractor spring and gas rings as you never know when you or a buddy may need them.

Bolt in picture not included****

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Chrome Silicon Wire stock
Heat Treated, Stress Relieved, and Cryogenic processed post winding
Impregnation/Plating with Re-Micronized Molybdenum Disulfide Formulation
Unaffected by heat up to 750 F
Enhanced ejector spring match the loads of a NEW Mil-Spec spring
Sprinco part # 27001


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