Ambidextrous Safety Selector Forward Controls – 50-Degree Throw


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The ASF-50 is a short throw (rotate to 50 degree for FIRE/SEMI) semi auto AR 15 safety selector that comes configured with offset levers for ambidextrous use. This selector lever replaces the factory lever in your AR 15.

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What We Like About This Product

There’s a lot to like about the ASF-50, it’s one of our favorite AR parts on the market. It’s made from steel instead of aluminum, making it less likely to deform from impacts, scrapes, or other hard use, and It also makes it next to impossible for the selector lever to develop burrs or sharp spots during regular and more intense use.

The machining on this safety assembly is precise enough to produce a smooth, positive click when engaging the selector. The serrations on the selector levers allow for minimal friction during use which helps avoid the development of hot spots or blisters.

This product pairs nicely with the PDQ Ambi Bolt Release, making your rifle’s controls ambidextrous and quick to engage. Check out that and other related products on our shop page.

Product Info

The Forward Controls ASF-50 is the perfect example of a durable, thought-out AR 15 ambi safety selector. Unlike other selectors on the market, the ASF-50 addresses some of the shortcomings of the AR 15’s stock safety selector.

Starting with the attachment method, the ASF-50 uses a pin to secure the ambi safety selector to the lower receiver instead of screws, Loctite, or other methods that come loose over time. This makes the selector more durable in the long run.

The ASF-50 is also set up to be ambidextrous. This accommodates left handed shooters while making it easier for right handed shooters to operate their firearms using their off-hand. The ASF-50 makes it more comfortable for everyone by adjusting the selector’s throw from 90 degrees to 50 degrees.

The change of throw prevents the AR 15 safety selector from digging into the top of the hand while shooting. This is modified on one side with the use of a shorter safety lever for the selector which you can determine while you are installing the ASF-50 to your lower receiver.

As long as you have your desired lever length you can install any combination on the ASF-50. This set comes with 1 long lever and 1 short lever as standard.


  • Ambidextrous for easy us
  • 420 Stainless Spring Steel construction for durability
  • Serrated Throw Levers for consistent activation without irritation
  • Black Nitride Finish prevents corrosion
  • Comes configured with 1x long and 1x short lever


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