Low Snag Forward Assist


The Low Snag Forward Assist (LSFA) is a great option if the side of your rifle get hung ups on things and slows you down at the range, in competition, or when you’re maneuvering through the field.

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The forward assist is one of the more controversial features of the AR15. Originally, the Air Force didn’t want one at all, and only the Army mandated that Colt include it in the design. If you’re setting up an AR with a forward assist, and you intend to use it left-handed, you might find that the forward assist jutting out of the side of the rifle might get hung up on something and slow you down at the range, in competition, or if you’re maneuvering through the field. To alleviate that problem, this Low Snag Forward Assist (LSFA) is a great option. 


  • Serrated 
  • Larger the standard forward assist button
  • Black nitride finish 
  • CNC Billet Construction
  • 4130 Steel 

This forward assist is ideal for people who want a little larger forward assist than came from the factory on most AR15s. Particularly, this would be useful for left-handed shooters, or folks who do not want the larger forward assist hanging up on gear.  The critical innovation here is in the geometry, which is less rounded and with more aggressive serrations than the standard A1 style button that has been in use, and annoying shooters, since the 1960s.

What We Like About This Product:

Forward assists are useful when press-checking your firearm. We use the forward assist when using oversized charging handles since they tend to get caught up on stuff and unlatch. This improved version puts contact surface where it needs to be and removes it where it shouldn’t.


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