Aluminum Rail Covers Forward Controls MCF-A


MCF (M-LOK Rail Covers + Forward Controls) is a collaboration between Railscales and Forward Controls Design. Machined in G10, with the AA surface (All Angles or dimpled) pattern.

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Why We Like This Product

While there is nothing new with the use of aluminum handguards, using aluminum for your rail covers is certainly different. Using aluminum is unconventional but it does have its merits, which makes us feel that it is on the cutting edge for rail covers.

Traditionally rail covers have been used to insulate and protect the hand from the heat generated from firing. Additionally, the rail cover would provide a better grip with a different texture.

One of the benefits of using aluminum for the rail covers is better heat dissipation. From our testing, we found that the aluminum rail covers offer three major benefits.
The first benefit was protection from heat. This is the basic premise of most rail covers but the MCF-A does this in a different way than something like G10. Essentially the aluminum rail covers work similarly to a radiator or heat sink.

As the barrel heats up the rail and now the rail covers will heat up. With these particular covers, the panels will help draw heat away from the barrel, distributing it through more material which helps dissipate the heat.

This is tied to the second benefit, which is a significantly faster cooling rate than G10. We found that compared to the G10 version in side-by-side testing, the aluminum covers can be 30 to 80 degrees hotter than the G10 but cool down faster.

G10 rail covers work great to insulate from heat but once those covers heat up they stay hot for a good while. And if not given enough time to cool down between strings of fire they will retain the heat and get progressively hotter. This creates an uncomfortable shooting experience and can impact your rifle’s performance since it is slowly cooking the entire time.

The MCF-A does not retain that heat due to it being made out of metal but also from the drainage/air vents in the panel. This means that after a few minutes of rest, you will have noticeably cooler aluminum panels while the G10 panels will still be around the same heat peak.

This fast cooling is not only great for strings of fire but also for storing the rifle in a hot car or under the sun. Once the covers are in the shade they cool down quickly.

The Third benefit is grip. While a little thicker than some other rail covers, the thickness allows the machined All Angle/ dimple pattern to have a great depth which lets your hand really sink in and provides a good purchase.

Beyond that, there are a few quality-of-life aspects that we really enjoy about these rails and Forward Controls products in general.

The attention to detail that Forward Controls puts into their products means that there are only rounded corners instead of sharp edges. This keeps the panels from having snag locations or cutting up your hand.

The machined dimple pattern allows for great surface area and even better control over the rifle. The centerline of dimples also features a small hole in each which act as air vents, despite them originally being for drainage. This double-duty functionality adds that extra appreciation for the design that sets Forward Controls apart from other manufacturers.

Even better, Forward Controls includes torque specifications for their screws so you don’t have any of the panels coming off by accident. On top of this, the anodizing of the aluminum gives the panels good durability and a unique aesthetic.

Product Description

There are so many options out there for M-LOK rail covers that it can be hard to decide which one is good for you. The Forward Controls rail covers focus on performance rather than aesthetics, although they do look good.

Using their All Angle (AA) or dimpled pattern, these rail covers allow you to grip the forend from almost any conceivable angle. This is great for shooting from different positions and adjusting your grip depending on the situation.

They are made from aluminum and are the next evolution from the original G10 design. The AA pattern features a set of drainage holes in the center dimples. This allows for better heat mitigation in addition to providing a comfortable, firm gripping surface. This allows you to maintain a grip in a variety of conditions while having the rifle cool faster than the G10 covers.

These come in two lengths: a Long 4.7-inch panel and a Short 3.2-inch panel. This allows you to adjust the coverage on your foreend depending on where you grip your rifle and what you have mounted. The long panel covers 3 M-LOK slots while the short panel covers 2 M-LOK slots

Each panel is 0.600 inches wide and 0.152 inches thick. The panels come with M-LOK mounting hardware and use a 1/8 Allen key. Each nut should be tightened to 17-inch pounds for best results.

  • Width: 0.600 inches
  • Thickness: 0.152 inches
  • Length: 4.7 inches (long panel) or 3.2 inches (short panel)
  • Weight: 0.75 ounces (long) or 0.54 ounces (short)
  • Comes with standard M-LOK mounting hardware
  • Nuts require 1/8 Allen key (not included)
  • Torque required: 17 inch-pounds

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MCF-A, Short (3.2"), MCF-A, Long (4.7")


Black, Green, Tan


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