MCF (MLOK Rail Covers + Forward Controls)


MCF (MLOK Rail Covers + Forward Controls) is a collaboration between Railscales and Forward Controls Design. Machined in G10, with the AA surface (All Angles or dimpled) pattern.

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There are so many options out there for MLOK rail covers that it can be hard to decide which one is good for you.

The MCF (MLOK Cover Rail Covers + Forward Controls) is a collaboration between Railscales and Forward Controls Design, machined in G10 using the AA surface (All Angles or dimpled) pattern. Forward Controls rail covers typically focus on performance rather than aesthetics, although they do look good too.

Using their All Angle or dimpled pattern, these rail covers allow you to grip the front end from almost any conceivable angle. The AA pattern wasn’t necessarily designed for good looks, but to give the user additional grip on their firearms. This enhanced gripping surface is great for shooting from different positions and adjusting your grip depending on the situation.

The AA surface can hardly find a better application than on a handguard rail cover, where a user’s hand can have multiple angles of approach. Adding these easy to install rail covers to your MLOK rail ,provides a great surface for your hand to grip while also protecting from heat.

These MLOK covers are made from G10 which provides a comfortable, firm gripping surface and heat protection. That way, you can maintain your grip in a variety of conditions without rubbing your hand raw.

The AA pattern on the MCF is made of two dimple sizes and depths, a series of large perforations / drain holes are drilled along its length in the middle row of dimples.

MCF is available in two lengths: A Long 4.7 inch panel and a Short 3.2 inch panel. This allows you to adjust the coverage on your forend depending on where you grip your rifle and what you have mounted.

Each panel is .48 ounces and is 0.600 inches wide and 0.125 inches thick. Each panel is easily mounted using 416 stainless steel nuts, which use a 3/32 Allen key. Each nut should be tightened to 17 inch pounds for best results.

  • Width: 0.600″
  • Thickness: 0.125″
  • Length: Long 4.7″ (3 MLOK slits), short 3.2″ (2 MLOK slots)
  • Weight: Long .48 oz per panel / Short .48 oz per panel
  • 416 stainless nuts
  • 3/32 Allen key required (not included)
  • Torque value: 17 in/lb.

What We Like About This Product:

Coming from the early days of Picatinny rail covers there used to be very limited options for protecting your hands from your mounting system, but now there are almost too many options to count. We like the Forward Controls rail covers because they offer secure and versatile protection.

If you want a better grip the All-Angles texture will help, no matter your preferred grip method. Unlike some other textures, the All-Angles does not cause anywhere near the same level of irritation.

Another great factor is that Forward Controls actually states the recommended torque for securing the panel. You won’t have to guess and run the risk of stripping anything. For added security, we usually add a little blue loctite just to keep everything in place.

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MCF-L (Long, 4.7"), MCF-S (Short, 3.2")


Black, FDE (with black MLOK screws)


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