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The crown jewel of the Guntology catalog, the PDQ Ambi Bolt Release puts the operator in control of the firing grip at all times. The trigger finger moves from trigger to mag release to bolt release smoothly without moving the weapon from the shoulder. That’s where this handy ar15 ambidextrous bolt release gets its name, PDQ (pretty damn quick).. When seconds count, and your life and others are depending on you, count on PDQ. The PDQ Ambi-Bolt Release™ is made in the United States and uses Military-grade steel, hardened and Military Spec 8526 Class 3 type 2 coated to last a lifetime of operational conditions. The lower will need some small modifications to accept the PDQ. It is not a drop in product.

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Guntology Product Review

The PDQ allows right-handed shooters to lock or drop their bolt with their trigger fingers, allowing for faster reloads. For left-handed shooters, it allows them to use their right hand to lock or drop their bolt, maintaining a positive firing grip with their left hand. Clearing a jam is much easier because you can lock the bolt with your right finger. Locking your bolt to the rear is easier since you do not need to use your left hand.

Product Info
  • One-Piece Design
  • Solid Construction
  • Small Footprint
  • Easy Installation

PDQ Ambi-Bolt Release™
The PDQ Ambidextrous Bolt Release is one of the best upgrades for the AR platform on the market today. Installation is simple as it easily integrates with your lower receiver, allowing for smooth movement of the trigger finger from trigger to mag release to bolt catch/release without ever lowering your firearm from your shoulder. It earns the demarcation PDQ (pretty damn quick). Made in the United States from military grade steel, the PDQ ambidextrous bolt release can stand up to any operational conditions you throw at it.

Reloading with PDQ Ambi-Bolt Release™
When performing an emergency reload a shooter will typically use his left hand to insert a fresh magazine, press the bolt release, and return hand to shooting position. When using the new PDQ, the shooter can now move from mag insertion directly back to the shooting position. The trigger finger releases the bolt while the left-hand returns to the shooting position.

Clearing a Double Feed with PDQ Ambi-Bolt Release™
While an advantage in firearms reloads, the PDQ advantage when clearing a double jam on the weapon is amazing. When a rifle malfunctions due to a double feed, the shooter will typically move the left hand to the bolt stop release, and the right hand is now needed to activate the charging handle. This action is neither smooth nor quick. Using the PDQ will allow the shooter to clear most double-feed jams without ever removing his hand from the shooting grip. This action is not only faster but also more familiar. Whether in a competition or in a fight for your life, the PDQ adds speed and reliability.

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PDQ10, PDQ15

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