Extended AR 15 Takedown Pins and Pivot Pins


PF-040 (Pins, Forward Controls, 0.040) is an elegantly simple and superbly crafted AR15/M16 takedown and pivot pin set. Machined from 17-4 PH SS bar stock and QPQ finished, these extended ar 15 takedown pins are 0.040 longer than TDP spec pivot and take down pins.

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What We Like About This Product

This enhanced pivot and takedown pin set is one of our favorite additions to lower parts kits because of its versatility. Your firearm becomes much more functional with the extended AR 15 takedown pins, making it easier to pull your pin without a tool. 

Product Info

PF-040 pins can be aptly described as “reverse extended”, in that they’re longer on the left side of the lower receiver, the additional length of the take down pin doesn’t interfere with ambidextrous safety operation. When these steel pins are pushed in from the left side, the +0.040 transforms to extra length and grasping area on the right side pin head, which combined with their silky smoothness, makes pulling the pin a cinch with no tool needed.

The PF-040 enhanced AR 15 takedown pins have the same elegant and unadorned pin heads design that is in line with our design philosophy which prioritizes functionality over aesthetics. PF-040 right side pin heads (when installed on a lower receiver, with the muzzle pointing away) are flat, with a small 45 degree chamfer. Serrations or dimples on the right pin head would be useless, so they’re completely plain. There is a small dimple on the other side of the pin head, the tip of bullets (up to 9mm) can be used to push the pins in on tight fitting receivers.

PF-040 pin diameter adheres to TDP dimensions and tolerances, 0.2485 +0.000/-0.005.

Made in the USA.



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