Guntology has been in operation since 2021. We are a Texas-based company founded by two lifelong friends, Samuel Vester and Sebastian Esquivel. We are lifelong firearms enthusiasts and wanted to create a company to provide you, our customers, with gear that we would, and do, use ourselves.

Based proudly in Laredo, we offer a curated source of the best products that we personally vouch for. We stand behind the products that we sell. As a testament to our faith in our products, we offer a lifetime warranty on every non-consumable we offer.

Guntology is more than a business to us. This began as a friendship built through a shared passion for firearms and the freedom they represent. It grew into a desire to provide the best parts and accessories available. We found, over time, that the best way to get the kinds of products we wanted was to source them ourselves.


One of Guntology’s focuses is the goal of fine-tuning the AR shooting experience. Making the gun work better for more people, making it easier to handle, and helping it last a lifetime of use. Whether that means competition, self-defense, Law Enforcement, or Military use.

If you have any questions for us, please reach out to us. At the end of the day, we’re fellow firearms enthusiasts, and we’d love to talk with you!

Our Team

Sam on Tank



Samuel Vester is a literal lifelong firearms enthusiast. This guy was shooting local IDPA matches at 9 years old! Born and raised in Laredo, Texas, Sam spent most of his time outdoors doing everything from pistol shooting and long-range shooting to armorer courses and much more. Sam founded Ronin Armory in 2016 and is also Co-Owner of the Arena Gun Club. Sam is an experienced armorer, certified by Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, (list the other armors). He is also an advanced Cerakote applicator and a firearms instructor.

Sebastian with rifle in hand



A lifelong firearm enthusiast, Sebastian Esquivel got hooked with an old browning .22 lever action when he was around 8 years old. His father and older brother got him interested in and taught him the basics of firearms. In 2016 he founded Daily Gun Dose, one of the most influential gun pages in the US. Sebastian has a background in sales and marketing in the energy industry and international political campaigns. Around 2016, he partnered up with Samuel Vester to form Guntology and joined Ronin Armory in 2022. Sebastian has attended multiple pistol and rifle courses and is certified as an armorer, advanced Cerakote applicator, and instructor.