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EMR-A is an ergonomic ambidextrous magazine release. It has an intelligent design of the lever to closely mirror the magazine release button on the right side. The portion immediately below the bolt catch’s lower paddle has a lower profile to avoid interference, typically a common drawback of popular ambidextrous mag catches.

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Why We Like This Product

Not only is the build quality of this piece impressive, the functionality just increases with the addition of an ambi release. Unlike some other designs, the Forward Controls option runs less of a risk of accidentally dropping your mag during use.

It adds flexibility for right handed shooters and much needed compatibility for left handed shooters. This allows for more people to be able to comfortably use the rifle and for you to adapt to the situations you may find yourself shooting in.

Product Info

The Forward Controls Ambi Mag Release gives you a simple and effective way to make your lower parts of your ar-15 more ambidextrous with this drop in part. 

Having an ambidextrous AR pattern rifle is beneficial for more than just left handed people. When you get into more dynamic shooting positions, having a way to access the mag release on the opposite side of the rifle becomes extremely useful.

Whether this is in competition or life and death scenarios, the Ambi Magazine Release makes it easier for you to swap out your magazine. For left handed people this puts the magazine release within easy reach of their index finger, just like the normal release does for right hand individuals.

For right handed people, the Ambi Mag Release makes it easier to use the rifle with their off hand or to drop the magazine when working under or around barriers.

The Ambi Release is made from 4140 steel and has a 7075 aluminum lever attached to it for the ambidextrous use. It is compatible with most AR-15/5.56 style rifles, but is not generally compatible with AR-10/AR-308 pattern rifles due to a lack of standard specifications regarding AR-10s.

Some potentially incompatible lowers include the Seeking SP223 and the AE10B receivers. The Ambi Mag Release should work if your rifle has standard reinforcement and fencing on the left side of your rifle.

Ambi Mag Release Features

· Compatible with most AR lowers

· Incompatible with Seeking SP223, AE10B, and AR-10/AR-308 rifles

· Lever machined from 7075 aluminum

· Catch is 4140 steel for durability

· 10.9 pound catch spring

· Made in the USA


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