Enhanced Magazine Release – Ambidextrous


EMR-A is an ergonomic ambidextrous magazine release. The placement of its lever is well thought out to mirror the magazine release button on the right side closely. The portion immediately below the bolt catch’s lower paddle has a lower profile to avoid interference, heretofore a common drawback of popular ambidextrous mag catches.

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The AR is a fantastic platform, but it does leave a fair bit to be desired for left-handed people. This magazine release remedies that problem and gives right-handed shooters more options to eject the magazine. This is an enhanced magazine release that replaces your standard magazine release and allows you to release the magazine from the left side of the gun with an additional lever. This can be used with a standard magazine release button on the right side or, to complete the package, another one of Forward Control’s great Enhanced Magazine Release Buttons.


  • Works with standard AR-pattern lowers
  • The lever is 7075 aluminum
  • The catch is 4140 steel
  • Black Finish
  • 10.9 lb Catch Spring
  • Made in USA

This adds an ambidextrous magazine release to your AR15, which is ideal for either left-handed people or right-handed folks who want to be able to grip and release magazines with their non-firing hand. These are compatible with a wide range of receivers but might not fit with the Seeking SP223 and AR10B receivers. Effectively, as long as the reinforcement and fencing on the left side of your rifle are more or less standard, this will work well for you.

What We Like About This Product:

The finger pad button creates an intuitive and easy-to-use magazine release with ample leverage when using left-handed. It also benefits right-handed shooters, allowing them to drop their mag in certain positions easier.


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