Swarovski Z8i+ 1-8×24


The Swarovski Z8i+ 1-8×24 is a low powered variable optic (LPVO) with amazing clarity and light transmission. Combined with an illuminated reticle, this optic provides a 150-feet field of view on 1x at 100 yards. This allows you to easily scan an area before increasing the magnification for a better sight picture.

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This model of Z8i+ uses the BRT reticle which provides a central dot with a few holdover positions. The reticle’s simplicity provides enough feedback for the user to use it at closer ranges and longer ranges. The battery life is preserved by the scopes angle sensing technology.

If the scope is oriented in a non-firing position, the reticle is turned off. It will turn back on when the scope is reoriented to a firing position. This helps deal with the major drawback of LPVO illumination: battery usage.

The scope glass itself has 93% light transmission with very good clarity. This makes it easier to see through, which helps with seeing targets, color contrasts, and other environmental factors.


  • Second Focal Plane
  • 21 ounces
  • 11.9 inches
  • 34mm tube diameter
  • Field of view at 100 yards: 150 feet (1x) to 18.6 feet (8x)
  • Illuminated BRT reticle
  • 180 hour run time on medium brightness during the day
  • 1400 hour run time on medium brightness during twilight

What We Like About This Product

This LPVO is our preferred scope option for a general purpose AR-15. The reason is that this optic provides the happy middle of compromises that all LPVOs try to balance. While nothing is going to beat a red dot at closer ranges, out in the open areas of Texas you are leaving a lot of capability unused if you don’t have some magnification.

On the competition circuit you often can encounter targets out to 500 yards that are unpainted or irregular colored. These tend to blend in with their surroundings making it hard to hit them. The magnification helps you to see these targets or see where you are hitting the berm. This helps you to correct your shots or help spot for other people.

The second focal plane design combined with the bright central dot makes the scope easy to use at close range and longer ranges. Since the Z8i+ isn’t a precision oriented scope, the second focal plane aligns with our preferences.

The durability of the scope is outstanding, both from personal experience and reports from other competitors. It can handle rough treatment and still be very clear. Its low profile turrets help keep it from hanging up on things which cuts down on potential damage to the scope (a lesson learned from a turret shearing off a different scope while navigating an obstacle).

Overall, the Z8i+ has good eye relief combined with Swarovski famous glass clarity in a package that is usable for most tasks an AR-15 can be used for.


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