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Should You Add Backup Iron Sights To Your Rifle?

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There is a lot of debate in the shooting community over whether or not backup iron sights should be used on rifles. Some people say that red dot technology has become so reliable that backup sights are no longer necessary. Others maintain that backup iron sights provide an extra level of reliability and that they do no harm to have them installed on a rifle.

In this short blog post, we will explore both sides of this argument and let you decide for yourself!

The Benefits of Backup Iron Sights

Iron sights are a great backup option for shooters who rely on red dot technology. They provide an extra layer of reliability if something goes wrong with your red dot optics or if you just prefer to have a backup plan–for whatever reason.

Iron sights are also more rugged and durable than red dot optics, making them better suited to withstand the rigors of harsh environments.

They are a low-cost, reliable insurance policy in case your red dot fails.

The Downsides of Backup Iron Sights

Backup iron sights can also be a hindrance for some shooters. They add bulk and weight to your rifle–which can become cumbersome in certain situations.

They can also get in the way of other accessories you might want to attach to your rifle, such as laser sights or night vision optics.

They may also interfere with your red dot’s accuracy and performance, so it is important to make sure the backup iron sights are properly zeroed and adjusted before use.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide whether backup iron sights should be used on your rifle. If you are a hardcore shooter who regularly participates in competitions or engages in tactical scenarios, then backup iron sights may be beneficial for you.

On the other hand, if you are just going out for a leisurely day of shooting, backup iron sights may not be necessary because you may not use your rifle enough for your red dot to fail.

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